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Descendant from generations of artistic lineage, Sky Vega exhibited creative leanings from her earliest years through drawing, singing and ballet.

She graduated from the South African School of Art, Dance, Drama and Music where she studied on an artistic scholarship.

Exhibiting her art since age 16, she held one of her first solo painting exhibitions at the Pensioners Society of Greece at the age of 19.

During her time in Athens, Sky studied Computer Graphic Animation and Multimedia at AKTO college of Art and Design (a college affiliated to Middlesex University, London) while simultaneously studying music at the Daphni Odeo of Music.

Although pursuing a career in the performing arts as a touring musician, she never abandoned her fine art roots and relocated to New York where she studied Special FX Makeup at the School of Visual Arts.  Later Sky fine-tuned her Special Effects Makeup abilities with lab skills at the Makeup Designory in Soho.

Sky is a young woman possessing multi-layered creative talents, working in entertainment as well as in the visual arts. She has gone on to become a published musician, an award nominated Special Effects Makeup artist and is the owner of Pittaway Art, an online retail portal, where her artwork and other creative media is sold.

Most recently Sky has been channeling all her creative talents into writing and illustrating children's books that are accompanied by her original soundtracks.

The links below further display Sky's overall creative body of work:

Fine Art: http://sky-vega.crevado.com

Artisan Gift Shop: www.etsy.com/shop/PittawayArt

Special Effects Makeup: www.skymua.com

Music: www.skymuzic.com

Photography: Check back soon for link ~ Thanks.

Pictured below: Sky Creates art on a multitude of platforms and with a variety of media as seen in this storybook mural.